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BetterLife Mobile Phones Plans

Did you know Better Life Mobile started over 4 years ago to help people cut the cost of owning a mobile through best phone plans? We started with 120 homeless and disadvantaged customers and helped them connect and maintain their very first mobile phone. This ‘Australia first’ program brought disadvantaged people a sense of connection and inclusion that changed their lives. The success of this pilot program showed just how important it is to have a mobile phone and a connection to the world and the people that matter to us.

These days, Better Life Mobile offers great value mobile phone plans to all Australians and every mobile plan donates (phonates!) to our community projects and support initiatives that continue to help our homeless and disadvantaged. So whether you believe in what we do and want to support our community programs, or you’re just after a great value phone plan, it’s a win-win for everyone!

How our mobile phone plans are better

Better Life Mobile phone plans offer incredible value and features you just don’t find these days. There’s a lot of good reasons why our customers love us!

Unlimited Talk Plans

The best mobile plans offer great value without the fear of ever being disconnected. That’s why all our mobile plans offer unlimited calls to anywhere in Australia to standard landlines, mobiles including 13, 1300 and 1800 numbers! Even our $18 plan has unlimited calls!. This is a great option for families too! Allowing family members to call each other anytime for as long as they like. We find this plan particularly popular as a first phone for kids as data inclusions are capped! Of course all our plans have unlimited SMS, standard MMs and voicemail!

Affordable Plans

Our mobile plans are perfect for the budget conscious, for parents and for those who might otherwise have ended up with a huge bill from other Telcos out there who run purely for profit. You see Better Life Mobile was built for people and for purpose before profit. We grew from the belief that everyone has a right to a safe, affordable connection to the people that matter and the world around them. That connection shouldn’t have dollar signs attached to it.

No Surprise Bills Anymore

With Better Life Mobile, your monthly plan price is all you’ll pay each month. It’s that simple. We don’t charge you to join us, to change your plan or to leave. There’s no contracts and unlike most other Telco’s we bill per calendar month, not per 28 days. Last time we checked, there were only 12 months in a year so we don’t believe in billing you for 13! We also understand sometimes things can be a bit tough, so we don’t charge penalties or late fees when you’re already feeling the pinch!

Network Coverage

There’s a good reason why more and more people trust Better Life Mobile for coverage. Better Life Mobile is one of the privileged few providers that covers 98.8% of the Australian population through its 4G & 3G networks. We’re the popular kid with regional and country customers for this reason. So if you’re after exceptional coverage with the Mobile network Australians know and trust, you come to the right place!

The Best Service from Australian Support Center!

Better Life Mobile is 100% Australian owned and operated and uses an Australian owned 4G& 3G network. So our customers are not only supporting their community, but also supporting Australian jobs and industry! Now that’s the Aussie spirit! We don’t operate call centers, our customers enjoy a support center. What this means is when you need help, you can talk to one of our staff in Australia who are trained to provide all sorts of support! From how to insert your sim, to where your nearest gym is! Kind of like a concierge on your phone! What’s more it’s all part of our service and included in your mobile phone plan.

Social Cause

We continue to partner with welfare and community groups to educate and support clients in cutting the cost of owning and maintaining a mobile phone! Yep, because of us thousands of Aussies know exactly what they’re paying for their mobile phone plan and it’s always exactly the same price. We made mobile plans cheap and safe for everyone. What’s more, whether you’re just after the best mobile plan out there, or you need some support, we’re now a national provider covering all of Australia on a 4G network most other Telco’s can only dream of!

Better Life Mobile