Mission - All about connection

It's our mission at Better Life to keep all Australians connected and included: whether you're unemployed or working full time, everyone deserves a reliable 4G* connection.

We offer all Australians an affordable mobile phone plan with first-rate coverage that never goes over the set rate. Too often, customers are confused by big and unexpected bills and end up paying for things they don't need. For those on low incomes, this means disconnection from their mobile phone and disconnection from welfare and social support.

We know that the mobile phone is a lifeline in our modern world. It delivers immediate connection, which is particularly vital for the homeless and disadvantaged in our community. Better Life Mobile believes that everyone deserves the right to be connected.

In November 2015, Better Life Mobile launched nationally with Australia's most trusted network, and now serves thousands of customers across the country.

*Better Life Mobile ABN 47607567671 uses part of Telstra's 4G & 3G Mobile Network.


Those on low-income benefits in Australia range from the homeless and long-term unemployed to single parents, disabled people and carers. This equates to more than two million people and it is these people who are most in need of a mobile phone connection. Our service seeks to address this, alleviating some of the social pressure and isolation that these Australians may experience.

Strategic partnerships

Better Life Mobile works directly with state and federal administrators, financial councillors and welfare organisations to streamline the administration of accounts for those who don't manage their own finances. Our Community Engagement program also works with welfare organisations to put phones into the hands of those who really struggle keeping one connected.

Social projects

We seek to give back to community through a range of social projects, distributing phones with free credit to those most in need. Our "Santa Calls" Campaign in Christmas 2015 has been our most successful to date, and saw us provide free phones and calls to welfare centres and agencies across Australia. During the three month campaign, over 50 phones were used for hours of conversation and messaging, bringing joy and connection to hundreds of Australians during what can often be a time of isolation.

Ethical business

Better Life Mobile is proud to be the first B Corp telco in Australia. A B Corporation is a company committed to using business as a force for good in the world. The certification requires us to undergo a rigorous assessment to demonstrate that our business is environmentally sustainable, socially equitable and has a high level of governance and transparency. We are not a charity, we are a social enterprise that is for-purpose and for-profit.